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Support your immune system needs and health with our holistic medicine practice

Our team of physicians at the Connecticut Center for Integrative Medicine works with patients in and around the community of Stamford, Connecticut, who are looking to better understand their unique bodies and what helps them feel their best. The immune system plays a large role in the way one feels. It is the front line of defense against fungi, bacteria, and viruses, certain environmental factors and lifestyle choices can impact your immune systems, such as diet and stressors. By understanding how to support your immune system, the team at our practice can help keep you healthier!

What are the signs of immune system issues?

If you have a selection of the following symptoms, you may be dealing with an immune system that is not functioning properly:

  • Unexplained aches and pains
  • Slow wound healing
  • Frequent infections and allergies
  • Frequent sick days from work
  • Frequent indigestion
  • Difficulty managing stress and stress levels
  • Unexplained fatigue

How do you support your immune system?

As you age, changes can occur to your body’s immune system as it naturally begins to weaken. This makes it more difficult to fight off known invaders or adapt to fight off new ones. At our office, we will perform a blood screening to evaluate your levels of vitamins, nutrients, and hormones that may be contributing to a weakened immune system. We can look for elevated blood protein levels that can point to inflammation in the body and screen your microbiome for signs of imbalance. Once we get a clear picture of what is going on with your overall health, we can then make recommendations regarding botanical formulas, IV therapies, and lifestyle changes to boost your immune system and get your body back in harmony!

Learn more about your immune system health to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle!

If you reside in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT, you might want to talk to Drs Robert Kachko, Paul Epstein, and Veena Verma-Dzik at the Connecticut Center for Integrative Medicine to discuss your needs. Call (866) 320-6402 to request an appointment at our practice, conveniently located at 1200 High Ridge Road, Floor 2, and get started learning more about your body and health with our dedicated team of professionals. We serve patients in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, Wilton, Bedford, and Fairfield.

Dr. Robert Kachko with an introduction to the immune system and its importance.

Dr. Robert Kachko with an introduction to the immune system and its importance.
Our immune system is deeply connected to every other system in our body, including our nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. Watch this video with Dr. Robert Kachko, who explains all about it.

How important is our immune system?

Hi, this is Robert Kachko from New York and Stamford Centers for Integrative Medicine. I want to spend some time today discussing with you the role of the immune system and long-term sustainable health.

Our immune system is deeply connected to every other system in our body, including our nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive systems.

Much of our immune system response begins in our gut. That’s where our immune system learns how to deal with the outside world appropriately.

What are the health issues related to the immune system?

An immune system that can be over or underactive can cause many symptoms. For example, an overactive immune system can cause autoimmune diseases like joint pain, lupus, or allergies.

This includes reactions to any food that we eat or environmental substances we’re exposed to. In the same way, an underactive immune system can lead to frequent colds, infections that won’t resolve, and sometimes even cancer.

We need our immune system to help us prevent these types of long-term chronic issues.

What are the treatments available?

At our clinic, we take a thorough, comprehensive approach which almost always begins with testing.

There are blood work and functional medicine tests that we can do to assess the factors like immune deficiencies, nutrient deficiencies, inflammatory and oxidative cascades, and overactivity of the immune system, including things like autoimmune disease checks.

During your thorough whole health assessment, we take a very careful history to understand whether your immune system may play a role in your long-term health.

Then one of our clinicians will personally recommend a nutrition plan, high-dose nutrients, botanical medicines, IV therapies, and many other treatments like mind-body medicine techniques, acupuncture, physical medicine, and exercise.

Our goal is to help you achieve long-term sustainable well-being, and in supporting your immune system, you’ll be that much closer to doing so on your journey toward optimal health.

Make an appointment with us today to make your immune system strong.


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