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The power of DNA analysis optimizes protective factors, minimizes risk factors, and gets ahead of illness

DNA analysis

Our team of naturopathic physicians and functional medicine providers at the Connecticut Center for Integrative Medicine in Stamford account for the many contributors to disease in everything we do. Your genes or DNA are considered right alongside other risk factors or protective elements of health, from your lifestyle to your environment. 

Additionally, Drs Robert Kachko and Veena Verma-Dzik prioritize cutting-edge, comprehensive health assessments. To understand factors like the role that genetics plays in chronic symptoms or conditions, we must first gain an understanding of that contributor to health. From our office in Stamford, we conduct cutting-edge genomic analyses.

The process

Our founder and director, Dr. Kachko, is certified in the Opus23® platform. This Artificial Intelligence-powered tool combs through patients’ DNA. This revolutionary system checks for more than 3,000 genomic variations associated with an array of genetic diseases. 

In addition to presenting a multi-generational health risk, when these disorders exist within certain genetic variations, they can have a tremendous effect on how your body systems and organs function. As experts in functional medicine, this is particularly interesting to us, and we are in the best possible position to address and optimize bodily functions. 

Our team also appreciates the interplay between genetic variations and the other factors listed here, such as your environment.  We can aid you with the tools to “turn on” those protective genes. Likewise, we can identify and discuss ways to “turn off” those genes that represent risk factors for disease.

The more you know about your body, the healthier you can be

Understand your unique risks. Approach your health proactively. Prevent chronic diseases associated with aging. Use lifestyle, nutritional, and other modifications to influence genetic expression. If you want to learn more about our DNA analysis and approach to personalized treatment, request an appointment today! Call the Connecticut Center for Integrative Medicine in Stamford at (866) 320-6402.


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