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Comprehensive testing, the backbone of highly personalized functional medicine that heals

Comprehensive and holistic testing is at the heart of our approach to functional medicine at the Connecticut Center for Integrative Medicine. Standard bloodwork and conventional laboratory tests can be extremely helpful in diagnosing chronic health conditions. However, all too often, people are told that their labs all look “normal” yet continue to feel unwell. “Functional Lab Test” takes a different approach to assessing pathology, focusing instead on optimal ranges for the individual as opposed to what might be considered average for the population. With this data available, you and your provider are able to truly understand why you’re feeling poorly and what steps might be necessary to reverse that.

Types of functional medicine tests


Led by talented naturopathic physicians Drs Robert Kachko, Paul Epstein, and Veena Verma-Dzik, our center in Stamford, Connecticut, uses an array of tests to uncover what cannot be revealed about the function of your body through standard or conventional blood tests. This information is used to design a truly personalized treatment plan targeting your body’s unique needs. These tests include: 

  • Stool testing – Your health often starts with your gut! Our digestive systems can tell us so much about the function of our nervous system and immune system. For many people, getting sustainable well is not possible until all digestive challenges are resolved. For this reason, we order broad-based stool tests that most clinics simply do not.  Some of what me uncover through a stool test might include:
    • How we break down our fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
    • How much inflammation is in our digestive system
    • How likely it is that we have intestinal hyperpermeability (“leaky gut”)
    • The health of our microbiome analyses including considerable insight into the balance, presence, and levels of certain bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi in the body
    • Much more
  • Urine testing – Urine samples also provide clues into the cause of chronic or disruptive ailments and diseases. We can assess for everything from stress hormones like cortisol to estrogen, testosterone, and other sex hormones. Additionally, we look at the neurotransmitters, organic acids, and level of oxidative stress that influences everything from our mood and sleep quality to our energy levels and nutritional needs. 
  • Saliva Testing – can be very helpful for hormone assessment, especially cortisol testing that explores the circadian rhythm of our bodies and may impact mood, stress, energy levels, anxiety, and sleep
  • Comprehensive blood work – Approaching blood work through the lens of functional medicine, identifying your “baseline,” and accordingly understanding the optimal ranges for bloodwork results based on your unique circumstances, body composition, medical history, family health history, and long-term health goals. We use this clear and highly personalized perspective to treat symptoms effectively and based on each individual’s genes, lifestyle, and environment. With comprehensive, state-of-the-art diagnostics, the Connecticut Center for Integrative Medicine ensures your body gets everything it needs to function at its best, not limited to the proper balance and amount of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and hormones. 

If you’ve been told that everything in your lab results looks “normal” or “fine” and you;re still not feeling well, please get in touch and schedule a free discovery call with one of our providers. If you are interested in more information about functional medicine testing, the first step in better health and well-being, request an appointment today! Our office in Stamford, CT, can be reached at (866) 320-6402.


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